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Limited to 10 seats

A faster, less expensive, and more effective process to train productive mechanical design engineers than the traditional college route.

What's Pipeline Academy? 
What you'll get from Enrolling

With 15+ years of experience in business offering our mechanical engineering services, we'll teach you the necessary information that mechanical design engineers need to know to succeed. Not a millisecond of our program will be wasted teaching you information that's not applicable to the profession. We'll meet multiple times per week for 3 months to work on real design projects. You will finish with a portfolio of projects and a skillset proven to be valuable to future and current employers.

Topics we'll discuss in our projects

Below are the lessons we're giving away for free. Once you enroll, we'll teach you how to apply these concepts and more in your designs. 

Scroll down inside the table below and click on each row to view the full content of its corresponding lesson.

Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone or email.

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